This site is dedicated for Vancouver film and commercial rentals, along with events and staging. 

As someone who has worked in the art department and is also an artist at 1000 Parker St, I understand the fast moving pace of this industry.  I wanted to make my art and a few other select peoples available for your various needs. The works available are unique, unusual, and contemporary.

My studio is located at 1000 Parker St. in the adjacent building to Fluff Designs. I’m open to organizing delivery/pick up as many of you might be running on smaller crews at the moment. Happy to help on the weekend if I’m around. All sizes are listed in inches and prices are for a one month rental.

Please read below if you are new to the site.

I have set up a calendar for each rental piece. If you prefer to just send screenshots for availability that is fine too.

If there is work that you are interested in renting or holding click the dates you are interested in so they are green and press check availability. The art work is now added to your cart and you can keep viewing art on the site. When you are done looking and are ready to submit your choices press the basket icon in the top right corner, here you can see everything that you booked and can make adjustments if need be. Press the proceed to checkout button and fill out the needed information, and proceed by pressing request for confirmation. Now your artwork has been put on hold. Please let me know as soon as possible if the selected work is being rented or not, so I can make it available for other people or have it wrapped up for you. I will send you an invoice as soon as possible through email and send you art clearance paperwork.

If you want to see the image larger just press the magnifying glass on the top right corner. It will open full screen and please feel free to take screenshots. Below the calendar there is also a description area with information on the specific piece. There is also a description of each pieces of work below the calendar.

All work has been cleared by the participating artists. Do not hesitate if there is a specific size or theme you are after or something you do not see but would love to have available. I am open to creating and sourcing work that you would love to rent but can’t find presently. For people that are looking for photography I have many works on there way and waiting to get framed. Your continuous support will facilitate more work available to be rented. Pricing is for a week rental, if you need it longer we can work it out.

If art should come back damaged a charge for repair will be applied and if art is lost or damaged beyond repair the cost of the piece will be applied to the invoice.